Friday, August 30, 2013

RALF Statement of Account as at 10.8.13

Dear All Our Value Members/Neighbours/Owners,

We trust you have received RALF's statement of account as above. We wish to advise all members to ignore the outstanding balances if payment has been made.

Please send us an email at if payment has been made for the period(or any periods) not reflected in the statement and we will try to get back soonest possible after verification. Please note even if you do not advise us we have a hard copy record of payment made by owners so please rest assured that your payment has been entered.

We hope members can bear with us and be patient as there are some technical hitches and mess from last year's account being brought forward. Your understanding is crucial on this issue.

RALF Treasury Comm members together with an outsource book keeper will try to amalgamate and do their best to bring the accounts up todate and reflect a true and fair view to the best of their abilities.

RALF humble apologies...!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Coloured Placards

Dear Residents,

With effective from 1/5/2013, we have implement additional security features for all incoming guests via colour tags to be displayed on vehicle dashboards:-

Type of Guest                                   Colour Tags

Visitor                                                   Green

Contractor                                             Blue

Non-paying Residents**                        Red


1)      Sign in at guard house is still required.
2)      Guards will visit residents’ house to acknowledge the arrival of guests via log book.
3)      For motorcycles, existing name tags will be used.

We seek your co-operation on the above 2 matters to maintain our neighbourhood’s safety.

P/S: **Please extend your friendly “smile” to them.

Thank you.




在此我们RALF将从01-05-2013 开始实行一项额外保安措施;所有访客会以颜色卡来区分。

访客种类。                                           颜色卡
宾客\访客。                                          青色
承包商。                                               兰色
未付费居民。                                        红色




Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Enforcement of Dogs Control Guidelines Table Soon

An interesting article in The Star of 23th May 2012.

Attach for information.

When one does not leash a dog when walking the dog. What do you think is the perception towards the owners by others?

Eventhough the Dog is a puppy but if it is a large breed like Alsatians, Rottweilers or Dobermans, it causes fear to the rest of the park users and reassurance that the dog is not ferocious does not allay the fear where similar cases are reported in the newspapers of dog mauling cases and recently fatal death resulting from a dog attack.

What further perception that we have of our Resident(s) that leave their gates intentionally opened for their dogs  to release their bowels and dirtying our facilities in our closely knitted community that shares the same aspirations on safety, cleanliness and closeness.

What does one classify this category of people? Sheer Ignorance Dog/ Pet Lover, Oblivious to Civic Consciousness, Illiterate or just plain 'tidak apa' attitude after so many notices and reminders.

When a person takes on Man's Best Friend there are certain responsibilities that goes along with it though lot's are vague and ignorant of this fact.

Luckily the recent Rottweiler that was let loose intentionally or accidentally did not cause any untoward incidents.

We salute to those dog owners that have a plastic bag in one hand and a spate in another while the dog in under leashed.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Impact of Dengue in Lake Fields

Dear All,

We hope everyone are doing their part in ridding the Dengue Fever bout in our beloved community by observing the relevant measures posted earlier.

This device was erected and laid on at some of the critical area in our community specifically where the 2 Dengue cases was detected b DBKL.

We hope the Aedes menace has been eradicated. However in order to beat this sometimes fatal illness we MUST do our part in getting rid of it.

Thank you.

NB: Apologise for the inverted photo. Please save the copy and browse using your own photo software.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Securities Fees Jun - Dec 2012 { 7 Mths }

Hello Value Members and Fellow Neighbours,

Please take note that the Security Fees and Annual Membership Subscription is payable and due respectively as follow;-

1.  Security Fees @ RM 70.00 mth ;-

a)  Dec 2011 – May 2012 RM 420.00 > 6 months  ( Please ignore if payment made)

b)  Jun 2012 – Dec 2012  RM 490.00  > 7 months  ( As resolved during AGM to collate our bi monthly security fees to calendar months for easier reference)

2.  Membership Fee 2012    RM50.00 annually  (Please ignore if payment made)

     Note: Membership fee (conforming to the ROS Act and RALF Constitution) is for the subscribing of membership in RALF and funds are utilise for AGM expenses, printing, stationery and other operating miscellaneous expenses.


Please issue cheque payable to: -

Resident Association of Lake Fields
Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur

NB:  Appreciate the following particulars at the back of the cheque:-

  1. Name
  2. Lake Fields Address/Unit no
  3. Contact No
For the attention of:-
The Treasurer
c/o Resident Liaison Officer

Please submit your cheque directly to the Resident Liaison Officer at the Guard House during office hours or in a sealed envelope to the Security Guards after office hours.

Thanking you for your support of our security initiatives and as explained in an earlier post as there is a need for funds in anticipation of our new guard house infrastructures and facilities.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Dengue Fever & Cleanliness

We wish to highlight a disturbing news in our community regarding the number of Dengue cases in our community. There are 2 such cases reported within a week of each other in our community. This is visible from the various rounds of fogging from Jabatan Kesihatan DBKL.

Therefore we hope that all residents will do their part by taking precautions with the following;-

- Improved water storage practices. Cover all containers to prevent egg laying female mosquitoes access to it.

- Implement proper solid waste disposal.

- Eliminate any sources that may collect water such as tins, bottles, plastic food containers and old tires. Mosquitoes breed easily in any source of standing water.

- Appropriate insecticides, such as larvicide's can be added to water containers and man-made ponds. The insecticides can prevent mosquitoes breeding for several weeks. However, they must be re-applied as per directions.

- Always clean and check drains to ensure they are not blocked especially during the rainy season.

- Breed small mosquito-eating fishes in an artificial pond to eradicate the mosquito larvae.In addition to the above, there are a number of factors to help prevent the mosquito being attracted to human prey.

- Avoid wearing dark and tight clothing because mosquitoes are attracted to dark colours. Wear loose, white and long clothes, which cover the whole body. Mosquitoes find it difficult to bite through loose clothes than tight fitting clothes.

- Environmental conditions. It is suggested to sleep under mosquito netting or in a room which has mosquito screens on the windows. Mosquitoes are unlikely to bite in an air-conditioned room and under strong fans. Mosquito coils are also useful to help prevent mosquitoes from entering the room.- Apply mosquito repellants.

- Avoid reduce outdoor activities during morning and late afternoon because Aedes mosquitoes are daytime feeders.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Removing of RALF House Tag

Dear Residents,

We wish to advise in order to keep our security finances at a healthy level in anticipation of progress with guard house logistics and security issues we would be updating our security house tag.

RALF House Tags are accorded for being value members by a sticker on their TNB meter glass door for supporting our security initiatives by their prompt half yearly payments.

Please update your security payment soonest as the exercise in removing the House Tags (Stickers) will be in progress soon.

In the meantime doesnt the guard house structure eventhough half completed with construction debris looks grant and endearing? We are so proud of this structure and all the issues towering it before and looking forward to what we call our own full facility security guard house.

We are in the midst of applying for the electricity, water and telephone lines.

Stay tune for more updates.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hand Over to DBKL

Dear All Residents,

Enclose herein the official handover of Lake Fields amenities to DBKL acknowledged on 1st December 2011.

Termites Warranty

Dear All,

Please take note of the warranty given by this company on Termites Control and Treatment on our Lake Fields houses.

As there are termites found in some of our houses we wish to highlight this issue to all our members and neighbours.

Thought there are issues between the warranty period now being contested by the Supplier at this moment stating that it is 3 years instead of 5 years as per the warranty certificate , we shall update on any further news.

DBKL Complain & Amenities Situation

The committee is as frustrated as all the Residents about the unkempt, unhealthy and unsightly conditions of our Facilities and contacted YTL for clarification on the exact handover scope of our Facilities.

YTL has reverted with a copy of the aknowledged DBKL letter taking over our amenities on 1st December 2011. The aknowledged DBKL letter (uploaded in another post entitled Handover to DBKL)

Thereon on our further probing YTL, and with their help, they wrote a an official letter to DBKL, letter as attached, to request them to resolve the problem after much complaints received by us which were reverted to YTL for their knowledge.

Therefore it is utter nonsense and a classical 'red tape' bureaucratic process response from those concerned on the responsible party(ies) that should take over the maintenance of our amenities. We through our Resident Liaison Officer has been following up since last December on the Department in charge for the maintenance however to no avail as our enquiries have been kicked around like a ball.

It takes press coverage for these bureaucratic to move.

Refer to The Star Metro Section today for complains made by a Resident to the papers to move things.

With the complains in so many channels at last there is a meeting to resolve the issue with Alam Flora, DBKL, YTL with RALF involved to further resolve this issue permanently and not have this unsightly situation to recur.

Zero Maintenance of Common Areas in Lake Fields

The letter below was sent by one of our Resident to all the relevant department inclusive of the Jab Perdana Menteri, Datuk Bandar DBKL, Ministry of Health and also to all the Newspapers.

This is one Resident that says;-

'Ask Not What We Can Do For Him But
Ask What He Can Do For Us'

To All Concerned from DBKL/Kepada Semua Berkenaaan dari DBKL,

This is serious complaint in regards to the maintenance of all common areas in the Lake Fields housing area.

The grass has not been cut for more than 3 months and there is absolutely no other maintenance of the children's playground and walkways for the residents.

The weeds and tall grass has reached to at least 1.5 metres in height

The current situation is the worse it has EVER been in the last 3 years I have been living here and is an absolute disgrace to the service being provided by DBKL to the residents here.

The situation is made worse with the current clearing of the area nearby for the new housing development by YTL, which is driving any wild animals and insects to our living areas.

***************************************** ***************************************

Ini adalah aduan serius tentang keadaan kawasan sekitar taman perumahan lake fields.

Tiada aktiviti memotong rumput dilaksanakan selama 3 bulan dan lain-lain aktiviti penyelenggaraan kawasan mainan kanak kanak dan tapak pejalan kaki juga tidak dijalankan.

Rumput dan lain lain rumpai panjang sudah pun sampai ketinggian sehingga 1.5 meter.

Situasi ketika ini adalah amat memalukan kepada servis yang diberi oleh DBKL dan yang paling teruk dialami selama 3 tahun saya tiggal di sini.

Keadaan lebih teruk sekarang disebabkan oleh pembangunan kawasan perumahan baru oleh YTL berdekatan.

Semua haiwan liar bergerak ke kawasan perumahan kami.


The current situation has made the park area and children's playground literally unusable and inaccessible to all residents here.

More worrying is that all residents are scared to walk in these areas as the grass could be hosting all sorts of insects (spiders/scorpions etc) and other dangerous animals such as snakes that have already been spotted in the vicinity.

I personally have had a monitor lizard enter my home and caused distress to the family as i was not at home at the time.

The risks to children is very high at the moment.


Kawasan mainan kanak-kanak dan kawasan riadah tidak dapat digunakan langsung oleh penduduk disini.

Semua pengguna taman risau untuk menggunakan kawasan tersebut kerana takut rumput panjang mempunyai serangga dan haiwan bahaya lain (kala jengking/labah-labah).

Penduduk taman telah pun melaporkan terdapat ular di kawasan rumah mereka.

Saya sendiri telah mengalami seekor biawak yang masuk ke dalam rumah saya, menakutkan isteri dan anak saya.

Keadaan sekarang amat berbahaya kepada semua kanak kanak disini.


The latest update from our Residents association team has been that DBKL is saying that YTL has yet to fully settle the handover the maintenance to DBKL. on the flip side YTL is saying that it has handed it over for some time now. Meetings seem to be postponed arbitrarily with no regard to the residents and people living here.

There does not seem to be any urgency to resolve this matter and it is a very irresponsible attitude from DBKL for something that they should be doing anyway.


Maklumat terkini daripada Persatuan Penduduk ialah DBKL dan YTL masih tidak boleh mencapai persetujuan untuk siapa bertanggungjawab diatas penyelenggaraan Lake Fields. DBKL mengatakan tiada "hand-over" dari YTL dan YTL mengatakan ia telah memberi arahan kepada pihak DBKL untuk mengambil alih tanggunjawab ini. Mesyuarat yang di jadualkan untuk menyelesaikan masalah ini dibatalkan secara tiba-tiba dan sewenangnya. Impak kepada penduduk tidak diambil kira dan tiada apa apa kesegeraan tindakan dari pihak DBKL dilihat. Kesemua ini adalah amat tidak bertanggungjawab.


My main concern now is for this situation to be resolved immediately. the recent reports of major increase in dengue outbreaks in KL/Selangor is also worrying since the maintenance of the park is zero at the moment and multiple locations where water can be trapped will be easy breeding grounds for the mosquitoes.

I need some update from the DBKL management as a resident on the next steps and the dates of when the grass and maintenance will be started. The answer should be immediate and not another round around of who is responsible. Do not wait for any untoward incidents to happen before you take action. I WILL NOT HESITATE TO TAKE ACTION IF ANYTHING HAPPENS TO MY FAMILY AND ME DUE TO THE IRRESPONSIBLE ATTITUDE FROM DBKL.


Objektif saya sekarang adalah untuk situasi ini diselesaikan dengan segera. Penyakit denggi di kawasan KL/Selangor sekarang meningkat dengan tinggi dan banyak kawasan di sini yang tidak selenggarakan boleh menjadi tempat nyamuk bertapak.

Saya memerlukan pihak DBKL untuk memberi maklumat segera tentang bila situasi ini akan diselakainkan dengan memberi tarikh bila rumput akan dipotong dan penyelenggaraan akan disambungkan.

Saya tidak akan teragak-agak untuk mengambil tindakan sepatutnya jika apa apa kejadian malang berlaku kepada kelurga saya akibat dari kecuaian pihak DBKL.


I have taken just a few snapshots of what it looks like just in one area of the park just for you to sample the mess we are living with on a daily basis. Please visit the area to see the actual situation which is way worse than what a photo can show.


Saya telah mengambil beberapa gambar keadaan skerang supaya anda dapat melihat keadaan sekarang. Sila turun padang untuk melihat sendiri keadaan yang lebih teruk dari apa yang boleh disampaikan oleh beberapa keping gambar.


Lake Fields Resident

PS: To Health Ministry Officials, may i request for an urgent fogging of the entire Lake Fields area to reduce the possibility of dengue incidence.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Dear Lake Fielders,

We wish all our members, neighbors and friends a very Happy Chinese New Year for the coming Dragon Year and may Good Health, Happiness & Prosperity comes with it...!

Together with the Good Wishes for the coming New Year Celebration we wish to announce that we have some good news on our Guarded Neighbourhood Inspiration for our community.

After prolonged delays by DBKL, they have at last designated the G&G and GN schemes failing under the purview of Jabatan Pengangkutan Bandar. And after numerous meetings together with an estimates of 20 other Resident Associations, Resident Association of Lake Fields made history by being one of the First to be approved on the Guarded Neghbourhood Scheme.

We are now currently trying our best to amend the guard house from the existing standard design approved by DBKL for our scheme in order to be aesthetically synonymous to the existing surrounding Lake Fields environment.

This amendment is proving to be challenging as well since DBKL setup is new they are also running around using guess work on their responsibility and scope of work. Please rest assure we are doing everything at our disposal to get the amendments done thereafter once it is endorsed, YTL has written and assures us they will fulfil their promise to build as per their correspondence relayed to all previously.

Lastly, the committee apologizes for not keeping our part of the bargain, as minuted during the last AGM, to proceed to build the guard house ourselves instead of waiting for YTL to built it pending DBKL approval. The reasons being;-

  • The Security Fees are not updated by residents and sufficient to proceed with our own construction.
  • To retain some funds for the maintenance of our community's Linear Park and other Facilities as DBKL has accepted the takeover of our linear park from YTL, as evident on the unkempt and unkept conditions currently. Therefore awaiting the next AGM to resolve this issue of facilities management with the limitation and availability of the existing funds acknowledged for security purposes.

Meanwhile, this committee unlike the previous instead of making every announcements to members, challenge the residents initiatives and awareness by taken do task what the current committee has done so far........

  1. No Dog Poo Signs
  2. Guards Patrolling Electric Motor Bikes
  3. Safeguarding and reinforcement of the existing security rules laid down
  4. Resolving numerous complains
  5. Bypass of the wrong lanes by Visitors into Residents lane by a barrier gap

The rest is for your own eyes to see....

Lastly, please settle your security dues if not already done as we are plague by consistent payment problem by Residents.

- Security Fee December 2011 - May 2012 for RM420.00

- Payable to Resident Association of LakeFields Sg Besi Kuala Lumpur

- Please include your Name, Lake Fields Address and Contact no at the back of the cheque

GONG XI FA CAI and a Belated Happy New Year to All Blessed with Good Tidings and Health Amassing Abundance of Wealth

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Complaints by Alam Flora on our Refuse Bin

To All our Members and Neighbours,

We wish advise to the Residents concerned, that we have received official complaints from Alam Flora regarding the following which are uploaded herein for your information.

Alam Floral have written to us officially after reprimands from the Ministry of Housing and Local Housing regarding the unhealthy activities and irregularity of the houses in Lake Fields, that either locked the refuse bins doors or store personal things inside the refuse bins with the refuse bins outside the designated locations.

Note: Refuse Bins should be inside the Refuse Location at the side of the TNB Meters

Pictures as taken and submitted by Alam Floral to RALF refers

For those concerned we wish to advise that DBKL will be issuing compound fines on this irregularities. Thereon Alam Flora is contemplating in not clearing the refuse and waste if the refuse bins are not at their designated locations in the houses concerned.

RALF is taking the liberty and initiatives to advise those concerned and will not accept any other responsibilities taken by the local authorities on this issues as these are personal and individual issues eventhough it create a non conducive and healthy environment for the rest and the community

Thank you.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

To Reach 90% Consensus & Car Sticker

Thank you for all the encouragements from our members and friends for our Guarded & Secured Aspiration.

Eventhough we have our ultimatum of 80% consensus for our Guarded Neighbourhood Application we are still asipiring to have a signed copy of the consent form from all the supporting paying residents of our scheme. Appreciate expedition of the signing at the Guard House to your earliest convenience.

We will only be able to rejoice upon the official approved Guarded Neighbourhood is in our hands.

For information and records, our Guarded & Secured Neighbourhood will failed from one or all of the following;-

  1. Uncooperative Residents
  2. Non Payment of Collections
  3. Complains & Reports

Therefore we hope for all the residents to submit your utmost cooperation and due diligence to our security aspirations such as the newly enforceble car stickers being one of them.

Hereon, we wish to informed the New Car Stickers for Entry is enforceble as per our numerous notifications on 1.3.11.

Please assist us in securing our community with this important exercise. This is a VERY IMPORTANT exercise being part of securing our community and not to be treated lightly. This exercise will maintain and give us the following;-

  1. Enjoy our Park any hour of the day & night
  2. Getting In & Out of the house without being Rob and/or Assaulted
  3. Our Family & Children are able to mingle and enjoy the company of our friendly neighbours
  4. No Breakins eversince the tenancy of the suspects have expired.

Please notify and inform your neighbours should you notice that they are still using the old stickers to register and change their car stickers at their guard house

We hope there are no untowards incidents on the implementation of the above while the last having our RLO assaulted by one of our residents.

Looking forward to your continuous support.